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  • Complex Heating Systems and Design

    Complex Heating Systems and Design
  • Multi Boiler Whistler

    Multi Boiler Whistler
  • Radiant Piping Exaple
  • Kitchen sink & Faucet

    Kitchen sink & Faucet
  • Tekmar Controls

    Tekmar Controls
  • Geo Exchange System with WaterFurnace HP

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  • Geo Exchange System with Tekmar Controls

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  • Floating Vanity

    Floating Vanity
Element Mechanical
Gas Plumbing Heating

About Us

Who we are

Element Mechanical was establised in 2009 by multiple experts with the same philosophy and vision for a Mechanical company. With all our experience in the corridor, it was important that we build a company that provides quality service and installation at the best value. Honesty and integraty is our commitment to each and every client. Training and mentoring is also our commitment, so we can provide our clients with technicians that are not only experienced, but have up to date knowledge of products. 

What we do

Element Mechanical provides the high quality services in the following categories:

  • Plumbing Service Residential/Commercial
  • Plumbing New Installation Residential/Commercial
  • Radiant Heating Systems Residential/Commercial
  • Boiler Service and Installation Residential/Commercial
  • Hot Water Systems Service and Installation Residential/Commercial
  • Geo-Exchange systems Residential 
  • Full design of Heating and Domestic sytems for tendering Residential/Light Commercial
  • Fireplace Service Residential/Commercial

Our Vision and Philosophy


Element Mechanicals core philosophy is to provide the highest quality product for the best value. Training and innovation are also a key piece. Our world has changed so much so quickly that is hard to keep up. We pride ourselves on the ongoing training we provide all our technicians. Our vision for the future is to retain the highly experienced staff we have, while training the next generation to continue to grow and provide the same quality mechanical for years to come.


● You deserve the best: We deliver the highest quality for the best value whether it is new installation or service.


● Know the future: We pride ourselves on the details. Small project or complex, we will make sure that everything has been planned up front. Design, pricing, and scheduling are all a part of the package to make sure projects run smoothly and on budget. We also know that sometimes everything cannot fit in the budget, therefore we make sure that future considerations are planned for to save cost down the road. 


● Why go far: We have a great network of local suppliers and manufactures for material and equipment which we prefer to use. Working with local companies provides us with so many advantages. 

  • Hands on training for our technicians ( We actually have manufacture training on the product we are supplying )
  • Far superior warranties and warranty process’s for peace of mind
  • Parts for equipment are readily available 

We only provide quality equipment that we could put our name on.


● By the math: Balance is the key when designing and planning for any project. At Element Mechanical we know from experience how to work with budgets and come up with a balanced system. When a system is established the operating cost are as well, therefore the higher efficient the system is, the more you save in operating cost. The initial cost of a higher efficient system is more expensive, but the payback through operational cost has greatly been reduced in time due to technology and competition. 


● Peace of mind: Mechanical systems can be an intimidating part of any project. They are the heart and veins of any building, so it is so important that they are designed and installed by experts. We guaranty all our work to be of the highest quality and are designed for comfort and function. 

Element Mechanical
Gas Plumbing Heating

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