Once your design and budget are approved - Trust Alpine to bring your facility to market smoothly and efficiently.

Alpine Bike Parks is a dependable and professional general contractor that specializes in the development of bike-oriented facilities. Whether we are providing full design/build services or building from your existing designs, we understand what you are looking for in your construction team and we have the experience to deliver your project on time and on budget with full regulatory compliance.

During construction we provide value through strong project management and diversification in scope, with experience and capabilities to perform a wide range of disciplines including: land clearing, rough and fine grading, trail construction, trail feature fabrication and installation, retaining wall installation, structural concrete framing and pouring, temporary and permanent storm water control systems, landscaping, and irrigation system installation. We also have the project management experience to coordinate subcontractors in order to carry out the installation of any supporting amenities, which may be needed prior to substantial completion and park opening.

Our trails are built by the best machine-based builders and dirt shapers in the business. We originated the term "flow-based-design" and we stand by that concept as our driving force and end goal during construction. No matter how much time is put into design development or construction documents, it is Alpine's equipment operators and hand shapers that guarantee the award-winning flow of your park. Our eye for flow-based-construction is what excites riders during their first ride, and continues to thrill and challenge for thousands to come.

To make sure we reach this positive outcome together, we set the stage for clear communication and phasing between Owner, Architect, Contractors and Stakeholders. Weekly progress meetings assure the project stays on track. Well-coordinated permitting, requests for information, owner's approvals and change orders, when necessary, will keep the lines of communication clear throughout the design and construction project. A dedication to quality control and a time-honored work ethic ensures that we are there with you through the finish line.

Our Construction Services include:

  • Prime Contractor Designation and Management of Subcontractors
  • General Contracting and Project Management
  • Full Service Design/Build
  • Land Clearing
  • Rough Grading
  • Fine Grading
  • Compaction
  • Trail Construction
  • Trail Feature Fabrication and Installation
  • Retaining Wall Installation
  • Structural Concrete Forming and Pouring
  • Temporary and Permanent Storm Water Control Systems
  • Landscaping Installation
  • Irrigation System Installation
  • Safety and Emergency Planning
  • Environmental Management
  • Traffic Management Planning
  • Construction from Pre-Existing Plans