Developing the highest quality trails and bike parks is the core of Alpine Bike Parks' business. That's why we recognize the importance of a professionally executed facility planning process.

Alpine's staff have the broad-based experience that allows us to cater our planning process to a wide spectrum of unique clients. Beginning with market analysis and terrain capacity studies, we help you to optimize your bike park plans to meet your capital expenditure, ROI, and park user goals. With this high-level vision in place, we move on to stakeholder meeting facilitation and community consensus building to set the groundwork for smooth project design and development. With stakeholders on board with your project, we can then dive into more detailed terrain analysis, available infrastructure and governmental requirements where we match your site's potential with the desire to optimize your bike park.

This macro-level planning is vital to determining overall project direction, potential hurdles, decision-making processes, and development phasing - allowing us to effectively prepare for and respond to new opportunities as they arise. Alpine Bike Parks respects our client's vision and recognizes that it's a privilege to help shape that vision into a productive reality. At the end of the planning process, you will have a complete vision for your facility including: user market data, governmental requirements, development cost estimates, design and construction phasing, community feedback, and ROI forecasts.

Feasibility and Planning:

  • Market Analysis
  • Site Selection and Terrain Analysis
  • Conceptual Planning
  • Capital Expenditure Budgeting
  • ROI Forecasting
  • Stakeholder Meeting Facilitation and Consensus Building
  • Trail Inventory and Infrastructure Analysis
  • Trail System Master Planning
  • Visual, Noise, and Impact Studies
  • Circulation and Terrain Capacity Studies
  • Stormwater Management, NEPA, EPA and Permitting Coordination
  • Software used: CAD, ArcGIS, Adobe Suite, Solid Works, Google Sketchup/Earth