Clearly identified scoping, construction documents and performance specifications are key to a project's successful tendering and construction. Alpine Bike Parks' team has the knowledge, experience, and skills to assure that all the proper documents are generated accurately and on time. These documents will set the standard for your park and set the stage for clear communication and expectations between owner, architects, and contractors, assuring the best possible project outcome.

This process includes the preparation of complete construction documents for all project improvements, refining the range of probable costs, validating project constructability, reviewing the project with consulting engineers and the client, reviewing with building, engineering, environmental and other governmental departments, and preparing final material lists.

At the end of the construction documentation process, you will have a complete construction document package for your facility including:

  • Construction Documents (CD's)
  • Contractor Performance Specifications
  • Validation of Project Constructability
  • Communication Plans
  • Phasing Plans to Optimize Budgeting, Marketing, Market Growth and ROI
  • Final Engineering and Stamped Drawings
  • Governmental Review and Acceptance of Plans
  • Software used: CAD, ArcGIS, Adobe Suite, Solid Works, Google Sketchup/Earth
  • Opinion of Costs Based on CD Package
  • Value Engineering Based on Opinion of Costs
  • Bid Facilitation